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To help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, there are standards for laundering and how to handle cleaning things that may contain bodily fluids, including bloodborne pathogens. This is a topic that should be discussed when cleaning both homes and offices, considering that rags are coming into our space from other locations.

Cleaning services can come in contact with bloodborne pathogens on a regular basis, and proper laundering of rags is a must for every infection-control plan.

While some are comfortable only taking minimal precautions and treating things as infectious when they have reason to believe they are infectious, we utilize universal precautions.

Universal precautions means that we treat everything as if it is contaminated to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In other words, we take infection control very seriously. Which is why we provide new rags that are not used in other locations for all contracted commercial cleaning with a minimum frequency of three times per week. Rags for your location are labeled and contained separately.

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We have also added a powerful prewash oxidizing treatment for rags and mop heads. This is an intensive germ-killing process that is often not considered when using microfiber cloths, as it will reduce their life expectancy. We find it necessary to prioritize safe practices, and we simply replenish the rags as needed.

In addition, we use the industry standard of a color-coded rag system to reduce the risk for cross-contamination.

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