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We have 5 core protocols built into our commercial cleaning program that allow us to constantly monitor and report on performance and outcomes. This is our form of quality control. These consist of audits in the form of:

  • Visual surveys 

  • Fluorescent/UV tracer marking

  • Checklists

  • Surface testing

In addition, we create a preference profile that keeps us consistent with requests, like blinds left a certain way or rug patterns facing a certain direction. These programs are how we deliver on our promises and are able to hit the mark of consistency. For more information on these programs, please contact us with any questions.

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Visual surveys are documented walkthroughs that happen on a regular basis depending on the frequency of cleaning. Observations are tracked and trends are reported on.


We apply invisible fluorescent/UV tracer markings that light up under black light around your facility on high-touch points. If cleaned properly, these markings will not be visible when inspected with UV light. This expands our ability to track and report on performance.


Our checklist will show how we prioritize our routine on paper and stay consistent. It contains a customized list with tasks and frequencies that we are accountable for, followed by a list of inspection points. Checklists are signed and dated, and any unusual findings are reported. Any special requests for the day are documented and tracked within the checklist.


Our hygiene ATP meter provides a rapid evaluation of the level of contaminants on a surface. Adenosine triphosphate, commonly referred to as ATP, is an energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of living things and is the source for bacteria spreading and replicating. High levels of ATP on a surface could indicate high levels of illness-causing pathogens.

The procedure involves the collection of a sample swab from a high-traffic area that is inserted into a light-based analysis device to measure the level of ATP.

The software will collect, analyze, and report the data in easy-to-read formats. This will allow us to track contamination spikes per area and take corrective actions.


No matter the size of your business, we track and communicate requests in our preference profile. This is a consistent reminder about the way you like to see things when you walk in. Whether certain doors are used or blinds are left a specific way, our goal is to be consistent in meeting expectations, and this is one tool that we use to deliver on that.

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