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​For The Greater Orlando Region


Onsite Managerial Support for Your Cleaning Department

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Our cleaning process uses the best practices from the healthcare industry, and we make them standard in all office settings. We feel that strong infection control processes and increased auditory controls should be standard for every industry.

Our practices include:

1. PPE, including N95 masks, nitrile gloves, and, when needed, liquid and particle protection coveralls and shoe covers
2. Frequent, documented performance inspections and ATP surface sampling and reporting (ATP sampling available in frequencies of three or more times per week or upon request before initial cleaning)
3. Vacuums with advanced filtration to help capture particles and minimize re-aerosolization reintroducing them into the air
4. Microfiber grips on all our rags and mopping systems to ensure all dirt and dust is picked up, which helps contain particles
5. A bucket-less mopping system to reduce spreading germs through dirty bucket usage and avoid spills. An onboard spray system applies floor cleaner
6. Color-coded rags to help prevent cross-contamination
7. Branded uniforms
8. New rags not used at other locations (available on cleaning frequencies of three or more times per week or can be built into any frequency upon request before initial cleaning)
9. Laundry oxidizing treatment
10. Being insured, registered, and bonded

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We are committed to helping you reduce allergens in your home. Our equipment selection and cleaning process is designed to capture and remove dust rather than reintroduce particles into the air. Our vacuums have four levels of filtration, including two HEPA filters.


We track and communicate requests in what we call a “preference profile.” This is the way we keep track of how you want things left in your home after our cleaning services. Whether certain doors are used, blinds are left in a specific way, or rugs are left with the patterns facing a certain direction, our goal is to be consistent in meeting expectations, and this is one tool that we use to deliver on that.


We also use a customized checklist based on your preferences and desired frequency. This helps with consistency, and when finished, leaves things the way you want them

Other highlights include:


  • PPE, including N95 masks, surgical masks, and nitrile gloves

  • Disinfected equipment after each cleaning

  • Branded uniforms

  • Insured, registered, and bonded

  • Shoe covers worn upon request


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Protecting those who are most vulnerable in our community is our core service. Besides our seniors, that would be our children We create a customized checklist to organize and track our routine as a commitment to our standards.


In order to provide you with peak cleanliness, especially in areas with children involved, we feature the following:

  • New rags not shared in other locations (with three or more times weekly cleaning frequencies or available upon request before initial cleaning)

  • Germ-fighting, powerful prewash oxidizing treatment for rags and mop heads

  • Color-coded rags to help reduce cross-contamination risks


We have flexible cleaning options that can be increased to control an outbreak or dialed back for a routine service. Depending on the frequency, we can include a certain amount of electrostatic disinfecting that can be used on a routine maintenance or on-demand cleaning appointments.

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About Us

We offer cleaning services for offices, vacation rentals and homes. We are conveniently located in the Lake Nona district of Orlando allowing us to service the surrounding communities including Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, Kissimmee and Celebration.


Our cleaning system was designed with 20 years of housekeeping experience. With flu season in full swing, our services are designed to help keep your staff safe this time of year. Call today for an estimate or a no pressure walkthrough.



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